Reply To: If I’m understanding this correctly


Thank you for the reference. I checked several suttas and the main message comes down to:

“A perfected one has nothing more to do, and nothing that needs improvement.
Natthi, khvāvuso, arahato uttari karaṇīyaṁ, katassa vā paticayo;
Still, these things, when developed and cultivated, lead to blissful meditation in the present life, and also to mindfulness and situational awareness.”
api ca kho ime dhammā bhāvitā bahulīkatā diṭṭhadhammasukhavihārāya ceva saṁvattanti satisampajaññāya cā”ti.
(Disregard the “mindfulness and situational awareness” translation of “satisampajannaya.”)

One sutta refers to jhana in specific.
None of them (perhaps the commentaries, but there’s no translation there) state any duration of time.

I assume Buddha chose to go into nirodha samapatti as well. Then again, that’s not the same as Anapanasati.