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Thank you, Jorg, for pointing that out.
– Yes. I will add that to the post with a few references from the list below.

Jorg asked: “Are there any more mentions of this in the Tipitaka that Buddha or Arahants went into seclusion?”

1. The following list probably has more suttas on that:
16 results for diṭṭha­dhamma­su­kha­vihārāya

2. Those Arahants who could get into nirodha samapatti did that whenever they got time to be free of the “daily stresses.”
– That would be even better.
– See “Nirōdha Samāpatti, Phala Samāpatti, Jhāna, and Jhāna Samāpatti
P.S. Most of us probably cannot even grasp the subtle differences among those various states. But nirodha samapatti is the “ultimate liberation” attained at Parinibbana. It is NOT A FEELING, it is just the TOTAL ABSENCE of any suffering or even a trace of agitation.