Reply To: If I’m understanding this correctly


Dear Lal, the below statement you made on sep 14, 2020, would be a great addition to the recent post of Ānāpānasati Not About Breath – Icchā­naṅga­la Sutta

“That last point may raise questions. If the Buddha (or an Arahant) has already discarded the opposites of the Noble Path Factors, then why do they need to engage in Anapanasati?
– Because that provides relief to the mind.
– Even Arahants have “agitation of the mind” (NOT defilements) due to kamma vipaka. They also have bodily dukkha/sukha vedana due to kamma vipaka as everyone else.”

I did not realize that to such an extent. I’m glad it was previously raised and answered. Are there any more mentions of this in the Tipitaka that Buddha or Arahants went into seclusion? Or how often that happened?