Reply To: Post on “Icchā (Cravings) Lead to Upādāna and to Eventual Suffering”


Yes. Upadana depends on one’s level of progress.

Thus, it is indeed correct to say: “So (for a Sotapanna), in the “arammana – vipaka vinnana – gati to attach – samphassa – samphassa ja vedana – tanha” process, “apayagami gati to attach” step can not happen. Therefore, apayagami level tanha can not happen too.”
P.S. Thus, a Sotapanna is free of suffering associated with all apayas.

I am not quite sure what you mean by the last paragraph. But I think what you are saying is the following.
– For example, an Anagami will not generate automatic mano sankhara (and follow-up vaci/kaya sankhara) for a sensual arammana that would generate kama raga in someone below that stage. That is because an Anagami has overcome “kama raga gati” and would not attach (tanha) to such an arammana. Thus an Anagami would proceed to the left (at the top of the chart shown above: “No Gati to Attach.”)
P.S. Thus, an Anagami is free of suffering associated with all realms in kama loka.