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Yes. Different suttas describe these ñāṇa and iddhividha ñāṇa somewhat differently.

I discussed the Kevatts Sutta in “Pāṭihāriya (Supernormal Abilities) of a Buddha – Part I

I just added your reference to that post (in #4). Thank you!

Dosakkhayo asked:
“small question: Is cutūpapāda ñāna same as dibbacakkhuñāṇa?”

– No. They are different. Cutūpapāda ñāna gives the ability to recall previous lives (including non-human lives). Dibbacakkhuñāṇa gives the ability to “see with a divine eye,” i.e., to see long distances through walls and even to see other realms.
– Cutūpapāda comes from “cuti” (end of bhava) and “upapāda” (to a new bhava). Dibbacakkhu comes from “dibba” for “devine/Deva” and “cakkhu” for “seeing.”