Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


“– There are mainly two ways to improve writing skills: (i) write frequently, (ii) read English texts (books, websites, etc.)”

Okay. I’m doing it this way. Thank you for your advice.


“If you still wish to improve further, perhaps I could be of service. Also, if you ever need a conversational partner, we’re practically in the same time zone. In case, just let me know in the chat and we’ll figure something out.”

Thank you for your suggestion. I am willing to learn English with/under you and others.

I wrote: “I also have a selection of some posts that are good for beginners to see. I’ll organize it and upload it here tomorrow.”

I am looking at the future of Pure Dhamma in the medium to longer term. Also, I keep picking out what is post better for beginners. In the process, the list continues to change, so I will upload it after confirmed to some extent.