Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


(“Ayubowan” in the Sinhala language means “long life to you.”)

Thank you for all your suggestions.

Regarding the technical stuff, we know them and have done our best. But thanks for pointing them out. The need to use plugins is good and bad.

“I was wondering: How do you think the Buddha would have created a website?”
– I don’t think he would get involved in such tasks. There would be many lay people doing such tasks in the time of a Buddha.

“After starting the website, a cookie query with the option to set it to Beginners, Sōtapanna, Anāgāmi and Monks maybe.”
– Yes. That would be equivalent to displaying a few appropriate sub-menus on the home page.

“1. A classification as is customary in
Home // Forum // Members Area // Video………………………………Search function
The Practice of the Dhamma // Abhidhamma // Dhamma and Science // Meditation // Tables and Summaries
Something like that, that’s just an example of a directory structure/folder structure.”

– I think each post page has breadcrumbs showing exactly that.
If breadcrumbs do not show up on pages, please let me know.
For example, “Home » Historical Background » Key Problems with Mahāyāna Teachings” should show up on top of the post “Key Problems with Mahāyāna Teachings.”
– Breadcrumbs indicate the root sections and subsections for a given post.
P.S. Thanks to Dosakkhayo for the suggestion to revise that post. I have re-written that old post.

P.S. I have been making some adjustments to the menu bar. While doing a few other changes, I also included a “slider” to adjust the level of “Dark Mode.” But I think the “on/off Half Moon” at the bottom of the page may be better. The slider would not show up on Mobile.