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I find your website outstanding and you can immediately see from the structure that you have a very high understanding of the Dhamma. The loading time of the website is ok.

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I worry about this issue. Someone who may not have much exposure to Buddha Dhamma/Buddhism may be confused when first clicking on this website. Many posts are on advanced concepts.
– Furthermore, the website is getting big and taking time to load. Seng Kiat and I have been looking for ways to speed up the site.
– Another idea that came to my mind yesterday is whether we should start another website for beginners. I own the registration.
– Some posts, including the “Moral Living and Fundamentals” section, can be moved to that new website.
– Furthermore, WordPress websites are a bit difficult to manage. It could be a good idea to start the new website on the new platform, Ghost CMS. I did some research yesterday (YouTube is a great resource for that), and the Ghost platform seems simple and easy to manage.
– Comments/suggestions are appreciated.

But I still had some thoughts.

I’ve worked a lot with CMS Joomla, it’s fast mostly OSS and well structured with a good back-end and lots of extensions.
But WordPress isn’t bad either, just a matter of taste.

The provider and the server system are always important for the speed, whether it is old or new, or Apache etc.
You would have to talk to the provider if there are still parking options.
The provider can usually help there.

Then, of course, place pictures as small as possible at the start of loading and the important things in the “head”, header area of ​​the home page. Delete unnecessary plugins/extensions, and update them regularly.
If the CMS has a caching feature it should be enabled, or some other type of compression (e.g. GZIP).

I was wondering:
How do you think the Buddha would have created a website?

After starting the website, a cookie query with the option to set it to Beginners, Sōtapanna, Anāgāmi and Monks maybe.

This cookie query then changes the directory structure/folder structure as necessary for the desired degree of progress and as desired by the surfer.

(I might not use the term beginner but something that motivates to start learning in stages.)
With this cookie circuit, you have several websites on one web page, so to speak.
Extensive user rights management (ACL) is therefore important
The cookie position with a popup maybe and an additional button somewhere on the home page.
The right template (website) for the end device, such as mobile smartphone, tablet, etc.
So the CMS has to make a query in the background and, if necessary, change the template/website or overwrite it with the mobile page.

1. A classification as is customary in
Home // Forum // Members Area // Video………………………………Search function

The Practice of the Dhamma // Abhidhamma // Dhamma and Science // Meditation // Tables and Summaries

Something like that, that’s just an example of a directory structure/folder structure

I hope it is a small suggestion, if you have many ideas to choose from, you can choose the best one, as you know.

Greetings from Tobi-Wan Kenobi or just Tobi

May the best be found for all Dhamma friends