Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


Lal, I have few suggestions About the problem of beginner overwhelmed with vast number of posts on website.

You can simply add pre-requisite on each post. i.e. concept that should be understood before reading that particular post. Which you have already done in number of advance posts.

Another way this problem might be tackled is by assigning level to each post with tag. i.e. level 1, level 2 etc.

Level 1 means no prerequisites required for reading that post. Which basically means it is for beginner.

Level 2 means someone who has understood level 1 foundation.

So on and so forth.

For fast website, one solution I know is implementing free CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK (aka CDN) system for website.

I don’t have deep technical knowledge about running a website or optimising performance. But, this (implementation of CDN) is something I did when I had website.

Article about what is CDN?

Link to Google CDN service, with 90 days Trial, 300$ free credit.

Link to another forever free reliable fast CDN service.

Lal, I am extremely grateful to you for being so considerate about readers of this website. Especially about the point that you want site to be well and good after your death for many years.

Wishing you long life and short saṁsāra.