Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


Thank you, Lang. You are doing a great service to that person.

I worry about this issue. Someone who may not have much exposure to Buddha Dhamma/Buddhism may be confused when first clicking on this website. Many posts are on advanced concepts.
– Furthermore, the website is getting big and taking time to load. Seng Kiat and I have been looking for ways to speed up the site.
– Another idea that came to my mind yesterday is whether we should start another website for beginners. I own the registration.
– Some posts, including the “Moral Living and Fundamentals” section, can be moved to that new website.
– Furthermore, WordPress websites are a bit difficult to manage. It could be a good idea to start the new website on the new platform, Ghost CMS. I did some research yesterday (YouTube is a great resource for that), and the Ghost platform seems simple and easy to manage.
– Comments/suggestions are appreciated.