Reply To: Approach to Dhamma


7. Dosakkhayo wrote: “I would like to deliver to everyone else what I got. From now, I’m starting to write a column that I planned before. I’ll write it down in Korean for now, but I plan on drawing it into comics.”
– That sentence didn’t register in my mind while reading your comment earlier.
– That is an extremely bad idea. Buddha Dhamma is to be treated with respect. I don’t want to have any association with this kind of stuff.

I fully understand your concern. A cartoon is a format that usually deals with funny, comic stories. I chose the wrong word. In Korean, these words(cartoon, comics, graphic novel, etc.) are all grouped into one word. What I wanted to say was a graphic essay.
– I am going to treat Buddha’s teachings with sincere respect. I can guarantee this. If you are still worried, then I will make a manuscript and send it to you. If there is a problem with it in your view, I will discard it without hesitation. Because I don’t want to treat Dhamma carelessly and improperly too.

– I would like to show you how I’m going to draw it. There is a book: “Genome Express: A Spectacular Voyage into the World of Genome“. It’s my role model of work. I would really appreciate it if you could review this just once. I hope my sincerity will be accepted.