Reply To: How Can Arahant Use Abhiññā Power Without Javana Citta?


1. All Arahants do not have abhiññā power. In fact, relatively few Arahants had abhiññā powers.
– Cultivating abhiññā is a different area altogether.

2. some anariaya yogis had abhiññā powers.

3. To cultivate abhiññā powers, one must cultivate the fourth jhana (Ariya or anariya) first.
– Those Arahants who had abhiññā powers did not cultivate them. Those who had cultivated jhana/abhiññā in recent previous lives automatically ended up with abhiññā powers upon Arahanthood.
– A good example was Cūḷapanthaka Thero. He automatically attained abhiññā powers with Arahanthood.