Reply To: Early Buddhism vs Theravada


I hadn’t heard of Chinese Agama before so I did a little check.
I found a website where Agama is accessible.
Interestingly, it’s linked to as an English reference(that’s a sign already).
My Chinese is far from good, but it’s good enough to see that, for example, the Chinese translations on sutta central are translated according to anicca = impermanence, anatta = no-self, etc.

I don’t know how to scan through the Agama, besides clicking randomly. But I did find a lot of “impermanence” and “no-self” references (a bit too many to my liking). And I did find passages saying all the aggregates were “impermanent,” not surprisingly.
Aggregates: 色,受,想,行,识
Impermanence: 无常
“No-self:” “无我”

Note that the Chinese on sutta central is traditional Chinese and the website I referred is simplified (for anyone interested).