Reply To: What if Nibbana Is not the Final Achievement?


Lal said:
“Yes. It is good to ask questions.
– But sometimes, some questions become irrelevant because the basis for asking them is not there.

Scientists are making discoveries about the world, But they will never reach the “knowledge base” of a Buddha.

– That the “end of the world.” That lifestream would not experience this world of 31 realms anymore.”

– These really help me a lot. I think I should focus on getting maggaphala and then think about delivering Dhamma to others. Of course, introducing Pure Dhamma will not stop. But I think it’s the proper order to do it myself after I become ariya.

– Also, I thought it would be good to set a good precedent. I hope that when someone has this kind of concern, later on, one can listen to your answer and move on correctly. I was able to ask that question because I have faith that lal is ariya. If not, I could not have been able to do it at all. Although I didn’t know about it, I believed Ariya would know the right words to say to someone in this situation.

– I just found that I’m trying to draw an answer from people without realizing it. I felt that this habit could be dangerous. I try to be as honest as possible, but I’m also afraid that the answers get contaminated as they mix in my responses. Anyway, I’ll think about this personally.

LayDhammaFollower said:
“By last argument, I meant Last argument in my post. I should have wrote, “My last argument” Dosakkhayo.”
– Now I understand the context. Thank you for telling me LayDhammaFollower.