Reply To: Ānāpānasati, satipaṭṭhāna, and vipassana bhāvanā


Of course I do! I do believe in kamma and kamma vipaka, and rebirth process. I was just thinking of a way of explaining that gradually expands from the most basic and plain sentence. But I understand why you’re asking the questions.

Even though I can’t prove my honesty to you, I know if I realize that I’m giving an explanation that doesn’t match Dhamma, I’ll immediately give it up. Because I know it can be a sangha bheda, and it is highly strong papa kamma.

I only wrote above post for other people(especially my family). I want to teach them as easy as possible. Because my family is non-buddhist. So I felt the need to be able to explain the concept to people who didn’t know Buddhism at all.

I tried to explain it by leaving only the basic framework of the concepts and then continuously adding more information to them. So, many other details are missing from the above article. I know that. But I will supplement it soon.(only if I can use those concept)