Reply To: post on Cuti-Paṭisandhi – An Abhidhamma Description

Tobias G

I see that I should have questioned this long before. I was reading again the post
Dukkha Samudaya Starts With Samphassa-Jā-Vedanā. It is clear that vipaka vinnana will happen first, when the nimitta appears in a door-freed-process. But the mind will analyse the object/nimitta and therefore contacts the pancakkhandha via manasikara cetasika. Thus I think the start is “nāmarūpa paccayā salāyatana” where the mind adjusts the mindset in regard to gati/experience/memory.

What is purpose of the steps “nāmarūpa paccayā salāyatana, salāyatana paccayā (san)phassō”, if the PS starts at “vedana paccaya tanha”? I think the purpose of namarupa is to bring in “the way I like to see the world”, therefore salayatana are triggered and sanphassa can happen.