Reply To: If Dhātu Describes the Rūpa, How can I Understand Viññana Dhātu?


No. Arupavacara Brahmas just have the hadaya vatthu. Just one suddhāṭṭhaka!

A suddhāṭṭhaka is at the boundary between “(kammmic) energy” and “tangible rupa.”
Kammic energy = kamma bija = dhammā
Dhammā are the anidassana, appatigha rupa below the suddhāṭṭhaka stage that make contact with the mind via:
manañca paṭicca dhamme ca uppajjāti manoviññāṇaṃ.”
Hadaya vatthu is the seat of mind (mana.)
– See “Chachakka Sutta – Six Types of Vipāka Viññāna

It is not possible to write all this in a single post. So, it is good to have a discussion to clear any unresolved issues.