Reply To: If Dhātu Describes the Rūpa, How can I Understand Viññana Dhātu?


Dosakkhayo has finalized the drawing/chart on the progression of invisible rupa (dhammā) generated in our minds (in javana citta) due to gati to condensed stages.
The progression is: gati > dhammā > suddhāṭṭhaka (bhuta) > mahā bhuta > dhātu (finer) > dhātu (dense)

I am very happy to see his level of understanding. Also, much merits to him for making this chart available to all.
– The chart gives a good visualization of how “small” suddhāṭṭhaka is. It is just bit “denser” than gati/dhammā
– Our mental body (gandhabba) is just six suddhāṭṭhaka (hadaya vatthu and five pasada rupa.) On the other hand, our physical body is at the highest density (many pounds/kg.) The more important one is of course the mental body (gandhabba.)

Density Stages of Rūpa Chart

Dosakkhayo’s chart (PDF) Download

The post that discusses this: “The Origin of Matter – Suddhāṭṭhaka