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I am glad to hear that, Jorg.

Let me expand my above answer to clarify a bit more.

There are 24 paccaya in “Paṭṭhāna” in Abhidhamma.
– That is the deepest level of Buddha Dhamma. It describes 24 types of conditions (“paccaya“) in Paticca Samuppada. See “Paṭṭhāna Dhamma – Connection to Cause and Effect (Hetu Phala)
– I have discussed a few of them in the section “Paṭṭhāna Dhamma
Upanisa paccaya is an important one. I will discuss it next when I get some time. It is just that there are so many things that seem urgent!

But as I wrote above, one can go a long way without reading about these details.
– I recommend reading the “Indriyabhāvanā Sutta (MN 152)
– It describes Anapanasati/Satipatthana in simple terms. All one needs to do is to “mindfully protect one’s sensory faculties” by not yielding to temptations. That is not an easy task. But it becomes easier when one comprehends the “anicca nature” (unfruitful/dangerous nature) of sensory attractions.

By the way, this thread has become too long.
It takes time to scroll down here!
– May be the next person wishing to continue the discussion should start a new thread, “Goenka’s Vipassana – Part 2”
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