Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Just to clarify, I mentioned the above for three reasons.
1. I believed it to be relevant to the thread. I have no doubts about the way I am practicing (which is anapanasati and satipatthana the way it is intended and “pajanati” the dhamma) and I have left the vipassana practice behind me quite a while ago now for a good reason.
2. I’m writing a piece on why I stopped the practice and want to make it as comprehensive as I can so that people can make sense of it. All the while learning to understand what the actual dhamma is.
3. I am also personally interested in those particular verses, but I respect Lal’s decision not to address them now.

Regarding the reply above, the practice aims to a point where you can always be aware of sensations, not only during meditation. Again, not something I do myself anymore. I try to be “morally” mindful at ALL times, and immediately correct for any unwanted/immoral passerby.