Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Jorg wrote: “I accidentally came across another passage that aims to justify the practice of observing sensations.”

1. Observing sensations for the sake of observing is of no value.
– One needs to be mindful of WHY a certain sensation comes in.
– For example, if a sukha vedana comes in (say due to seeing a beautiful woman), one needs to contemplate the anicca nature of getting attached to that person.
Do they explain how “observing sensations” lead to dispelling defilements? or to lead to the Sotapanna stage?

2. That is not what these meditation programs try to teach you.
– Rather, they focus on bodily sensations arising WHILE IN A MEDITATION RETREAT.
– Such sensations are MOSTLY bodily sensations! One cannot get to Nibbana by monitoring them!

3. As I have tried to explain many times, meditation MUST BE done at all times. That means being mindful and STOPPING getting attached to various enticing arammana!
– Of course, arammana that makes one angry must be dispelled too.
– Furthermore, one must learn Dhamma, so one will not be uncertain (vicikicca) about some arammana too.

4. Regarding those Plai verses:
“1. Kāyikaṃ sukhaṃ kāyikassa sukhassa, kāyikassa dukkhassa, phalasamāpattiyā upanissaya paccayena paccayo.”

Those people have no idea about the upanisa paccaya in Abhidhamma.
– Before I explain the meaning of that verse, I need to explain the upanisa paccaya.
– There is no need to go that far right now.

I advise first reading the posts on this subject under “Anapanasati” and “Satipatthana.”
For example, “Mahā Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta
– It is a waste of time to translate deep Pali verses. A mere word-by-word translation is meaningless. I will have to write several posts to explain the message conveyed in those verses fully.