Reply To: Mindfulness Flow(Fluidity) & Indrya Bhavana


OK. As long as you understand that kama guna and attachments are two different things.

As I said, an Arahant does not lose the “sweetness of sugar” upon attaining Arahanthood.
– But, he does lose any attachment to the taste of sugar.

This issue could be a problem with exchanging ideas with words.

For example, you asked: “How can Arhant recognise it as beautiful?”
– You may be implying that the Arahant would not be attracted to a beautiful woman. If so, that is right.
– But just like the issue of sugar, Arahant would see the difference between a “beautiful woman” and a “not so beautiful woman” per kama guna.
– Attachment is different from “natural perception” due to kama guna.