Reply To: Mindfulness Flow(Fluidity) & Indrya Bhavana


Lal, I think you haven’t considered the examples I cited in last post.

By, Subjective I meant, based on gathi/anusuya.

By, conditional I meant, based on states of internal, external Rūpa and external environment AND BHAVĀ.

Even among single Bhavā, there is no object which is universally appealing to everyone.

Even if somehow a universally appealing sense object existed, it still would not be appealing to everyone in THAT bhava, because, difference in their sense faculties.

I said Kama guna is subjective to the particular lifestream. No object has kama guna that is universally appealing or disgusting to everyone, hence, how can It be objective? So, that is what I meant.

Kama guna is conditional because, Even if something is appealing to majority of lifestream in particular bhava, it can not give same vipakā vēdanā to all.

For example, Aged human vs young human have different state of sense, hence, difference in vipakā vēdanā isn’t it?

Beauty is subjective, do you agree or not?

Now, if beauty is subjective (based on gathi) and Arhant has removed the gathi, IN ADDITION he has complete Aniccā saññā AND It is saññā that recognises objects,
How can Arhant recognise it as beautiful?

I am not talking about attachment either, lal.