Reply To: Pāramitās


I am glad that Sacket clarified the key point.

The bottom line is that the material in the post “Rebirth – Connection to Suffering in the First Noble Truth” is correct and fully compatible with the Tipitaka.

One will be free of the apayas ONLY when one starts comprehending 4NT/PS/Tilakkhana, i.e. when one gets at least to the Sotapanna Anugami stage.

P.S. Sacket wrote: “Even our Bodhisattva was reborn as animal many times (even in Hell also).”
– That is not correct. Once a Bodhisatta, births in the niraya (hell) would not occur. A Bodhisatta can be reborn only in the animal realm; even then, he will not be reborn as an animal of less than a certain size (as I remember the size of a rabbit).