Reply To: Vedanānupassanā and Cittānupassanā


Glad to hear that, Jorg.

“paccupaṭṭhitā” means something like “when present.” “Sati” means to “have that mindset,” i.e., the comprehension of Noble Truths/PS/Tilakkhana that worldly pleasures are like bait for a fish (leading to future suffering).

When one engages in anupassanā (in this case, cittānupassanā) with that mindset, one’s wisdom will grow, gradually losing cravings for worldly pleasures which are devoid of value: “yāvadeva ñāṇamattāya paṭissatimattāya anissito ca viharati, na ca kiñci loke upādiyati.”

This is why any anupassanā is NOT limited to formal meditation. Whenever an “unfruitful arammana” comes to mind, one should discard that arammana via such contemplation.