Reply To: What is the knowing which Sotapanna cannot lose even beyond death?


One must fulfill the four conditions to become sōtapanna @dosakkhayo.

Just so that you know, Four conditions to become sōtapanna is different from four qualities of someone who is at least sōtapanna.

One of the condition to become sōtapanna is that One must LISTEN to dhamma sermon or desana by someone who is at least Sōtapanna.

Only when problem, it’s causes, it’s end and path to its end are seen and understood to some level, can one start working on the problem. To understand the problem reading is beneficial and can lead to sōtapanna anugami stage, you must listen to dhamma sermon either in live mode or recorded one to get exact problem definition, so to speak.

This sections contains complete analysis on the sōtapanna stage (↓)
Sōtapanna Stage of Nibbāna

This page (↓) contains complete summary of what happens at different level with attainment of various stages of nibbanā

(What āsavā, anusuya, citta, Cetasika, samyojana are removed or reduced at various stages.)

Conditions for the Four Stages of Nibbāna