Reply To: What is the knowing which Sotapanna cannot lose even beyond death?


OK. From what I understand is hadaya vatthu is the bearer of anusaya. Asavakkhaya happens in here. This certainly helped me understand Gandhabba. Thank you for the good answer lal.

About the “A Sotapanna Anugami will attain the Sotapanna stage before the cuti-patisandhi moment.”

It sounds like a Sotapanna Anugami must attain the Sotapanna stage in given bhava. Is it right? But from what I understand is Sotapanna Anugami has no limit of bhava. After becoming Sotapanna, one is left 7 bhava or less. So I’d like to know about this point.

By the way, the post Dasa Samyōjana – Bonds in Rebirth Process in #10

10. So, it is essential to understand that getting rid of the first three samyōjana involves NOTHING ELSE but comprehending a bit about the true nature of this world, the anicca nature.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting the sentence, in this case there is no problem with it, but the removal of first three samyōjana means the removal of diṭṭhāsava. i.e. It means there is no vipallasa about the anicca. So the statement “a bit about” might be able to have a possibility to mislead to comprehension level of anicca to require becoming sotapanna.

I’m afraid whether I’m pointing out the too minor problem of sentence expression.