Reply To: Jarā Marana


1. Jarā means “getting old.”
Marana” means “death.”

As we know, all births (jāti) lead to old age and eventual death.
– See, “Bhava paccayā Jāti….Jarā , Marana,…
– The above is the general description of jāti, jarā, and marana. That applies to uppatti Paticca Samuppada, where the focus is on old age and death (after being born a baby).

2. I see that you are asking specifically about Idappaccayātā Paticca Samuppada.
– That specific version describes the moment-to-moment evolution of events during a lifetime.
– For example, one may be “born” in an “angry jāti” or a “greedy jāti” for a relatively short time. But that “state” also wears out (jarā) and ends (marana).
– For example, one may get angry about something. But that anger wears out and dies within minutes or hours.
– See, “Paṭicca Samuppāda During a Lifetime

Please feel free to ask questions if not clear.