Reply To: Discourse 4 – Sakkaya Ditthi – What is “a Person”?


You are correct, dosakkhayo. Thanks for pointing that out.
P.S. So it turns out you had the correct understanding too. Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!!

1. I just listened to that part, which was an error. I have added a note under that discourse to correct it as:
“Immoral deeds or dasa akusala are done with apuññābhisaṅkhāra or bad thoughts in our minds. Good deeds (or puññābhisaṅkhāra) done with the comprehension of the Four Noble Truths/Paṭicca Samuppāda/Tilakkhana become kusala kamma due to that understanding.”

2. It turned out that I also did not have the correct link to the series of discourses in my first post above. I also corrected the link:
Tilakkhana – English Discourses
– You can see the above correction there under Discourse 4.