Reply To: Discourse 4 – Sakkaya Ditthi – What is “a Person”?


The point I’m confused about is not the difference between punna kamma and kusala kamma. What I’m confused about is the connection between kusala mula PS and kusala kamma. The description of the process in which dasa kusala happens is kusala mula PS. Is it right? If it’s right, kusala kamma are done with kusala mula sankara, and it can’t be done with punnabhisankara. Therefore, “in the discourse lal said: 34:06 Immoral deeds or dasa akusala are done with apunnabhisankara or bad thoughts in our minds. Good deeds or kusala kamma are done with punnabhisankara.” is kind of inconsistency. Because kusala kamma can not be done with punnabhisankara.