Reply To: Discourse 4 – Sakkaya Ditthi – What is “a Person”?


Dosakkhayo wrote:
“And 36:53
So, it is important to make this connection. Our sankhara and specifically abhisankhara lead to future lives based on whether they involve dasa akusala or dasa kusala.”

– What I said is technically correct. But I can see why that could lead to confusion.

The following comment by LayDhammaFollower provides a good explanation: “There is no such thing as kusāla abhisaṅkhāra. Abhisaṅkhāra either puñña or Apuñña, are done out of ignorance.”

Let me clarify that a bit more.
– Puñña kamma (good, moral deeds done WITHOUT understanding the Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana) are NOT kusala kamma. Since avijja (ignorance) about the real nature of this world is still present, such good deeds have underlying expectations for “good returns in this world,” such as getting a “good rebirth where one can enjoy life.”
– The same good, moral deeds by a person WITH an understanding of the Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana AUTOMATICALLY BECOME kusala kamma.
P.S. That change in understanding comes at the Sotapanna Anugami stage, where one starts grasping the danger of getting a rebirth in any realm of this world. That is when one first gets to Samma Ditthi and starts on the lokuttara path to Nibbana. Until then, anyone just doing puñña kamma is on the mundane Eightfold path. Also see “Vipallāsa (Diṭṭhi, Saññā, Citta) Affect Saṅkhāra

That is a critical point to understand.
– In the absence of the correct Buddha Dhamma, people may do puñña kamma, but they are UNABLE to do kusala kamma.
– It is ONLY when one understands the not only unfruitful but also DANGEROUS nature of continuing the rebirth process that one will be able to convert the same puñña kamma to kusala kamma. That involves only a change of mindset!

Please read the post, “Kusala and Akusala Kamma, Puñña and Pāpa Kamma” and ask more questions if not clear.
– It is a subtle but CRITICAL point to understand.

By the way, I am quite impressed by the progress of LayDhammaFollower. I learned that he is only 23 years old. Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!!