Reply To: What stays after death?


In this post, we will discuss how “20 types of sakkāya diṭṭhi” is reached by getting rid of 5 types of wrong views on the five aggregates based on ucchēda diṭṭhi and 15 types of wrong views on the five aggregates based on sassata diṭṭhi.”

Hi Lal, fairly recently you corrected a post regarding the 20 types of sakkaya ditthi, stating that the above statement from “sakkaya-ditthi-deeper-wrong-views” #2, is correct.

I realize that the reference you made in your reply of feb 2 2021 above (of Ven. Dhammadinna teaching her ex-husband Cūḷavedalla Sutta MN 44) is from last year and from before you applied the corrections. So can I assume then that the correct translation of that verse is also 15 + 5 instead of 16 + 4 and, therefore, consistent?

To some of the other posters, I understand that English may not be your mother tongue, so therefore it would help if you structure your text a bit more clearly: make shorter sentences, add paragraphs, and above all, apply more punctuation. There’s clearly some value to many of the posts here, and I’ve read them all with great interest. It’s a shame if your meaning doesn’t come across the way you intend it (unnecessarily).