Reply To: Sanghabheda


Yes to all three.

You wrote: Sangha nayakas (and many other bhikkhus) in Sri Lanka doesn’t accept Waharaka Thero’s interpretations, instead they treat this sect as “rebels” and having strong miccha ditthi distorting the Buddha’s words and spreading lies to the public.”

It does not matter if “Sangha nayakas” do not accept the interpretations of Waharaka Thero.
– The question to be asked is: “Is there a way to check who is teaching the correct Dhamma.

The only way to do that is to “find holes” in a given interpretation.
– I have done that in many posts at this website.
– In fact, I recently started a new section to point out the inconsistencies/contradictions of many interpretations pushed by those “Sangha nayakas”: “Elephants in the Room
I welcome any evidence that may contradict my points in those posts.
– Of course, I do understand that those incorrect interpretations have come down over many generations. It is not the fault of “Sangha nayakas” DIRECTLY.
– However, they need to take time and evaluate the evidence that I have provided. My issue with them is that they are so adamant in their wrong views, even after evidence is presented that they DO have wrong views about Buddha Dhamma.

They may not do that. It is up to them. But it is the responsibility of others to read both sides and decide which interpretations are correct.
– I may have made some MINOR errors too. But those would be insignificant compared to the mistakes they have made in the foundations of Buddha Dhamma.