Reply To: Sanghabheda

Sammasambodhi Gami

Follow up questions:

1) Did those Mahayana monks commit sanghabheda when they separated from the Ariya Sangha and started their own concepts of “Higher vehicle” and started treating Theravada as lower (or inferior) vehicle? Did they commit Sanghabheda when they introduced many new “Sutras” such as the Lotus Sutra and attributed it to the Buddha himself!

2) Did Buddhaghosa commit Sanghabheda when he introduced his Visuddhimagga with mundane interpretations of Buddha Dhamma?

3) I read in Dhammawheel forum that Sangha nayakas (and many other bhikkhus) in Sri Lanka doesn’t accept Waharaka Thero’s interpretations, instead they treat this sect as “rebels” and having strong miccha ditthi distorting the Buddha’s words and spreading lies to the public.
So are these Sangha nayaka and other bhikkhus also committing Sanghabheda?