Reply To: About Visuddhimagga, Patisambhidamagga


Thank you very much for the link.
I count about 79 nañas, but I copied and listed only the first 14. Then, I highlighted the 16 nañas corresponding with the ones in the Visuddhimagga.
Interestingly, some lines in the Patisambhidamagga (each ending with a full stop, and representing 1 naña as far as I can see) seem to contain multiple nañas (or mentions thereof) listed in the Visuddhimagga.

Three nañas listed in Visuddhimagga, #1 (Namarupa pariccheda ñana), #8 (Nibbida ñana), and #12 (Anuloma ñana) I can’t seem to locate anywhere.

Based on the number of ñanas, missing ñanas, and the order presented in the Visuddhimagga, the statement that the 16 stages of insight are found in the Patisambhidamagga, seems a bit misleading or, at least, inconsistent. If somebody can correct me, please do. I don’t simply want to critique for the sake of critiquing.

I just think it would be helpful to understand how this part of the Visuddhimagga came to be since it is so widely used. If there are inconsistencies, they should be pointed out similar to kasina and breath-related meditations.

Here are the first 14 (out of 79 or so) ñanas as listed in the link Lal provided from Patisambhidamagga of which the ñanas in the Visuddhimagga are bolded:

1. Sotāvadhāne paññā sutamaye ñāṇaṁ.
2. Sutvāna saṁvare paññā sīlamaye ñāṇaṁ.
3. Saṁvaritvā samādahane paññā samādhibhāvanāmaye ñāṇaṁ.
4. Paccayapariggahe paññā dhammaṭṭhitiñāṇaṁ.
5. Atītānāgatapaccuppannānaṁ dhammānaṁ saṅkhipitvā vavatthāne
paññā sammasane ñāṇaṁ.
6. Paccuppannānaṁ dhammānaṁ vipariṇāmānupassane paññā
udayabbayānupassane ñāṇaṁ.
7. Ārammaṇaṁ paṭisaṅkhā bhaṅgānupassane paññā vipassane ñāṇaṁ.
8. Bhayatupaṭṭhāne paññā ādīnave ñāṇaṁ.
9. Muñcitukamyatā paṭisaṅkhāsan tiṭṭhanā paññā saṅkhārupekkhāsu ñāṇaṁ.
10. Bahiddhā vuṭṭhānavivaṭṭane paññā gotrabhuñāṇaṁ.
11. Dubhato vuṭṭhānavivaṭṭane paññā magge ñāṇaṁ.
12. Payogappaṭippassaddhi paññā phale ñāṇaṁ.
13. Chinnavaṭumānupassane paññā vimuttiñāṇaṁ.
14. Tadā samudāgate dhamme passane paññā paccavekkhaṇe ñāṇaṁ.