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Only remaining question I have is how kamma Bijā and pañcakKhanda are tied to constantly changing lifestream?

I suspect this question has something to do with magga phala as well. Because at each magga phala there are kamma Bijā which that lifestream cannot grasp after phala citta, right?


After some reading on website It seems answer lies in “tanha paccayā upādāna” step. After magga phala there are countless number of our aspirations about this world which cease. So, we never form any tanha for those object ever again.

Similarly, We remove tanha for all kama loka objects at anāgāmi stage,

so, as long as there is tanha, we want to keep close those desired arammana, and we will have bhava and jati and all dukkhā consequently.

So, removal of all tanha leads to removal of all upādāna and consequently all births in 31 realms, so, end of all suffering experienced due to Aniccā nature of saṅkhata in 31 realms ends with removal of tanha.

So, we need to just cultivate the panna about dhamma.

This is the nissarana from adīnava of sansarā.

Wow, I can see the path now.

Thank you so much for all your work, lal.

Your website has enabled all this for all of us!