Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


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If you would test yourself at early stage I would say whatever deep anusuya is there inside your mind, it would surely come up and disturb you much.

I recently felt like Testing myself and frankly I did so. Result was that after heavy stimulation, I was aroused.

Yet, One thing I could notice is that this disturbance is much different from what you feel before ariya phala.
(as in less intense and even in this disturbance there is insight present about the drawbacks of that assāda, it was not like I completely got onto it, immersed into it to the point where I could lose discernment or lose any sati.)

If someone was not ariya I am sure Heavy sexual stimuli would put them into animalistic Bhavā temporarily.

Anyways, thanks for reply.

I hope that may all of us would achieve anāgāmi stage soon. That would be most important and useful achievement of our life.