Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


“What would vimutti look like. I don’t understand.”

vimutti (nibbana) is experienced in stages. One way for us at this stage to see what it looks like is to observe raga in your mind, especially kamaraga since we are in the kama loka.

Nibbana is “cooling down”, something that can be observed in oneself. Elsewhere on this site (you can do a search for it), it is said that the anagami stage is actually the easiest to verify.

I know that Lal has given an analogy of someone watching an adult movie. If no sexual thoughts at all arise then he/she is an anagami.

Besides kama raga, I also remember that patigha does not arise either, so an anagami does not get angry at anything.

So that’s what vimutti looks like at the anagami stage.

Personally, I am able to observe the cooling down in myself; I do not plan to watch any adult movie any time soon as a test — not enough confidence for that yet — but the point is that the cooling down is definitely noticeable.