Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


This is an excellent point to discuss.

You wrote that you have seen the dangers in remaining in the rebirth process, but “Yet, I DON’T SEE SYSTEMATIC WAY TO PROGRESS IN DHAMMA.”

1. When one gets to the realization that the rebirth process is “filled with suffering” and thus one must try to attain Nibbana” that is Samma Ditthi, the FIRST STEP on the EIGHTFOLD Noble Path.

2. Next, one must keep the thoughts of the unfruitfulness and dangers of the rebirth process in one’s mind/thoughts at all times. That is the SECOND STEP of Samma Sankappa. By the way, those thoughts are rooted in the contemplation of the “anicca, dukkha, anatta nature” of this world.
– Then one would speak accordingly. One would not engage in thoughts/speech that could lengthen the rebirth process. That is Samma Vaca, the THIRD STEP.
– Same with one’s actions, i.e., Samma Kammanta, the FOURTH STEP.

3. When one is engaged in all three of those steps, one will be living not just a moral life but also a life that is dedicated to attaining Nibbana, to stop the rebirth process. That is Samma Ajiva, the FIFTH STEP.

4. When one can EXPERIENCE the fruits of such a life, one will make further effort to maintain and accelerate it. That is Samma Vayama, the SIXTH STEP.

5. With time one’s thoughts, speech, and actions will be increasingly based on the mindset of attaining Nibbana or the unfruitfulness/danger in the remaining in the rebirth process. That is Samma Sati, the SEVENTH STEP.

6. As one makes progress, Samma Samadhi will grow. That is the EIGHTH STEP.
– Samādhi (“sama”+”adhi” where “sama” means “equilibrium” and “adhi” means “dominance”) means keeping the mind keeping the mind focused on a single ārammaṇa or a nimitta.
– Thus, one’s mind will be increasingly moving away from this world to Nibbana.

7. Those steps don’t take place one at a time. One would be cultivating all EIGHT steps. For example, the more one gets into Samma Samadhi, all other steps will be affected; if one makes more effort, all other steps will be affected, etc.
– When one completes Samma Samadhi at the Arahant stage, all other steps would have been fulfilled too.

8. By the way, what I discussed above is the cultivation of the correct Anapanasati/Satipatthana.

9. Furthermore, a preliminary version of it can be followed even before becoming a Sotapanna Anugami.
That is the mundane eightfold path. That will make one able to get to mundane samma samadhi and be able to comprehend Tilakkhana and Paticca Samuppada.
– As we have discussed before, there is mundane sammā samādhi that is reached by getting rid of the 10 types of micchā diṭṭhi. Then there is lokōttara Sammā Samādhi that is reached by comprehending Tilakkhana to some extent; see, “Buddha Dhamma – In a Chart“.