Reply To: Anicca in Abhidhamma


Anshu64 wrote: “I have one more concern that Abhidhamma explains how the mind turns into the matter and matter turns into mind..”

That is explained in Paticca Samuppada (PS). We can see that as follows.

1. PS cycles start with “avijja pacccaya sankhara” and end up with “bhava paccaya jati” leading to suffering.
– So, the “seeds” for that jati (birth) were sowed in the mind, with “avijja pacccaya sankhara”.

2. In the step of “bhava paccaya jati” it is the manomaya kaya (gandhabba in the case of a human or an animal) that is first born.
– That manomaya kaya has a suddhatthaka-size hadaya vatthu. Our thoughts arise in that hadaya vatthu.
– So, that is where “matter turns into mind.”

3. Thus, it is a cyclic process. As long as the “avijja paccaya (abhi)sankhara” step is there, the PS cycle will continue.
– The solution is to comprehend the Four Noble Truths/ Tilakkhana by understanding the PS process that leads to rebirth (Akusala-mula PS) AND then to follow the Noble Eightfold Path.
– Then one will be on the reverse PS (Kusala-mula PS) that starts with “avijja nirodha sankhara nirodha” ending with “bhava nirodha jati nirodha”. That is the end of suffering.