Reply To: Nirodha Samapatti


Yes. That is a good description. There are many ways to express it.

1. Everything in this world is a sankhata, with a FINITE lifetime. That lifetime may have both sukha and dukkha.
– Living beings spend most of their Samsaric journey in realms filled with much more suffering.
– Rebirth in realms with more sukha is rare. Furthermore, it does not last.

2. Rebirth in the 31 realms occurs according to Paticca Samuppada. It WILL NOT stop until the root causes (lobha, dosa, moha) are not there.
– Nibbana is realized (i.e., rebirth stops) with the removal of all root causes.
– The way to remove the root causes is the Noble Eightfold Path, starting with Samma Ditthi.
– Samma Ditthi is to “see” the truth of the above description. That is the beginning of the Path.