Reply To: Nirodha Samapatti


Yes. I realized that.

In fact, there are realms where there is not only “no suffering” but there is “optimum sensual pleasures”. That is the highest Deva realm, Paranimmita Vasavattī Deva. See, “31 Realms of Existence.”
– Mara Devaputta (we normally call “Mara”) is in that realm. He is enjoying the highest possible “sensual pleasures.” So, he does not understand why anyone would want to attain Nibbana. He wants everyone to engage in moral deeds and be born in his realm.
– The only problem is that his life, even though long, is not eternal! At some point in the future, he may end up in an apaya.

P.S. I see that you have added some descriptions of Nibbana by Bhikkhu Bodhi.
– Another point is there is no “person” attaining Nibbana. That is the wrong view of sakkaya ditthi; see, “Sakkāya Diṭṭhi – Wrong View of “Me” and “Mine”
– When causes are removed, rebirth will stop, and thus no possibility of future suffering.