Reply To: Bhava: Seed of Consciousness


Thanks, Seng Kiat and Lang for the comments.

The main point is that this chart requires explanation since it is not the standard version of the “patiloma Paticca Samuppada” or the “Paticca Samuppada in reverse order.”
– In particular, there is no saddhā, etc in Paticca Samuppada. Also, the connection between “dukkha” and “saddhā” must be explained. One needs to understand that the root cause of dukkha is attachment to sensory pleasures. That understanding leads to “saddhā“.
– Therefore, the chart does explain HOW the “patiloma Paticca Samuppada” process takes place. One must understand how dukkha arises to have that “unbreakable faith/conviction” or “saddhā“. That happens at the Sotapanna Anugāmi stage.