Reply To: Bhava: Seed of Consciousness


I am saying that it is unproductive to try to analyze what Thanissaro Bhikkhu is trying to explain because he does not seem to have an understanding of Paticca Samuppada. Didn’t he start the essay with, “The topic of becoming, although it features one major paradox, contains other paradoxes as well..” in the Preface (p. 5)
What paradoxes are there?
– Why do you keep going back to that, if he says it is a paradox?

We know that future births arise due to one’s own actions based on (abhi)sankhara generation via avijja.
– That process is Paticca Samuppada (PS).

How far have you progressed in understanding the first steps of PS?
– No need to rush through. But it is critically important to understand PS. You should be asking questions on sankhara, vinnana, etc. if not clear.