Reply To: Bhava: Seed of Consciousness


I have been contemplating about certain dhamma concepts these last few days and it does have some connection to what Dipobhasadhamma mentioned here.

Dipohasadhamma mentioned “I am (at present) at a loss for WHAT this seed of consciousness is”.

I would like to share a comment for scrutiny. From what I have understood and in one of the simplest way I can describe what “seed of consciousness is” or “what” we are on the most fundamental level (to make a long story short) is that it’s “packets of energy” (karmic energy) with avija and tanha. From this packets of energy with avija and tanha, it give rise to our world. While that I’m typing this, I believe I can also call this “packets of energy” with avija and tanha the hadaya vatthu or a satta or kamma bija and probably some other names.