Reply To: Can animals attack a Noble person?


Getting attacked by an animal is a kamma vipaka. It can happen to even an Arahant.
– For example, bāhiyo dārucīriya was killed by a cow just after attaining the Arahanthood. See, “Bāhiya Sutta (Ud 1.10)
– The same thing happened to Pukkusāti: “Dhātuvibhaṅga Sutta (MN 140)
– See the end of the sutta in both cases.

Also, we remember that Ven. Moggalana was killed by a bunch of people.
– Thus, as long as one lives with a human body, any kamma vipaka corresponding to the human realm can take place (good or bad).
– Of course, only a Buddha’s life cannot be taken by anyone. But a Buddha can be injured, as Devadatta did to Buddha Gotama.

P.S. Cultivating Metta Bhavana can get rid of some such kamma vipaka, but not all.