Reply To: Vinnana, Consciousness, Hadaya Vatthu


It is a bit difficult at first to grasp these concepts. But once you understand the fundamentals, it will be much easier.

– One big obstacle is our tendency to evaluate everything based on the physical world.
– In the Western world, the mind gets a “back seat”. We can see that only the five physical senses are recognized.
– But in Buddha Dhamma, the mind is primary and material phenomena are secondary.
– That is why it is hard to understand some mental aspects and laws of kamma. Gandhabba is “much smaller” than an atom in modern science, yet it is the essence of a human!

By the way, when I looked at the settings of the “PRINT/PDF” button, it is now possible to email a post too. I have added that capability. Thanks for that.
– I have also written to the people who make that software to ask whether it is possible to have that feature in the discussion forum.