Reply To: My understanding of assadā, saṅkhāra, viññana and dukkhā.


Yes. That is a good description.
– But the Pali word is assāda, not assadā.
– We attach to some things (visuals, sounds, etc) in this world because they are likable. For example, a person of the opposite sex may look attractive, and one may like the sound of a piece of music, etc. Then we start thinking, speaking, and doing things (with mano, vaci, and kaya sankhara) to make them “ours” and to enjoy them more. Sometimes that makes us do immoral things. At a less damaging level, they make us bound to the “kama loka.”

Regarding your question, see, “Kāma Assāda – A Root Cause of Suffering” and “Kāma Assāda Start with Phassa Paccayā Vedanā or Samphassa-Jā-Vedana