Reply To: Is this definition of world correct?


Yes. That is correct.

You wrote: ” While having possibilities of being born in any realm doing various sankhāra (having majority of births in apaya).”

To expand on that:
– Doing immoral deeds via apunna abhisankhara lead to rebirths in the apayas.
– Moral deeds via punna abhisankhara are “good” in the mundane sense since that leads to rebirth in the “good realms.” However, they DO NOT lead to Nibbana. (Since any birth in a “good realm” has a finite lifetime, one is again “eligible” to be reborn in an apaya.)
– That is why doing punna abhisankhara is NOT ENOUGH. One must comprehend the Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana and become at least a Sotapanna Anugami to be “free of the apayas” in future births.