Reply To: Taking Back my old claim based on newfound awareness


1. Yes. Not many teachers truly understand details about jhanas. Of course, these details have been hidden for many centuries until Waharaka Thero made self-consistent explanations.
– There are Ariya jhana (kama raga ELIMINATED) and anariya jhana (kama raga SUPPRESSED)
– Then there are jhana and jhana samapatti.

2. When in a jhana, jhana citta DO NOT run continuously. So, in effect one goes in and out of jhana. That is why one in a jhana can see, hear, etc.
– But when in jhana samapatti, jhana citta run CONTINUOUSLY. Thus, one in jhana samapatti CAN NOT see, hear, etc.

3. Jorg wrote: “also a story from the sutta when a monk got “cremated” in the forest, and was seen later in the village by the people who cremated him because they thought he was dead..”
– That is an account of an Arahant who was in Nirodha Samapatti. That is a special case of a samapatti. One needs to get to the highest “arupavacara jhana” AND be an Arahant to get to nirodha samapatti.
– The body of someone in nirodha samapatti can not be destroyed.

4. Jorg wrote: “However, he teaches to get into jhanas via breath.”
– That is unfortunate. Breath meditation can ONLY lead to anariya jhana.

5. I suggest reading the new post that I just posted: “Rāga and Jhāna – Two Commonly Misunderstood Words
– It has more details and links for further details.